Incumbency profile of the Lok Sabha

About this visualization: Each box represents an MP elected in the 2019 general elections. The color of the box indicates the previous party of the MP. Only the most successful parties are shown; other parties are clubbed into "Other". Hover on a box to see more details such as constituency, year and position. Unsuccessful attempts are shown in grey. The number in the box is the total number of terms in which the person has been an MP, including the new term. Change the Label setting to see the number of terms contested instead. You can also change the Position setting to "All candidates" instead of just the winners. Squares indicate winners and circles indicate those who lost. To search for a person or constituency, type the name in the search box.

Visualization developed by Shivangi Tikekar and Sudheendra Hangal.
Age data from ADR. Images from PRS and Lok Sabha.
© Trivedi Center for Political Data, Ashoka University